They say Venice is going to die.
They say Venitians are going to extinguish, like Panda (!)
They say the tourism will kill Venice and the Venitians.
We love Venice too much to accept this forecast, and we decided to discover all the emerging realities in Venice that goes upstream, and fight every day against a decadent view of this raped city.
The LoVenice app is the result of this research: 
we happily find out that there are lots of traditional and innovative activities which still animate the body of City, sometimes not well know and submerged in the chaos of low qualities shops and restaurants.
This app is a tribute to these people, which help everyday Venice staying alive, offering high quality food, products, workshops, experiences, and so on, and , why not, a smile to whom, like you, will definitely fall in love with this amazing place.
LoVenice stands for Love but even for Local Venice, because the city is made by its inhabitants and only supporting them you can support the beauty of their environment.